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Get rewarded for doing what you love!

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Get rewarded for watching Twitch

You love watching streams and want awesome rewards?
Get rewarded while doing what you love. Collect unique rewards while watching your favorite streamer. Completely for free. Get streamer cards, game items and hardware prizes. Buy streamer cards to support your star. Build your streaming identity and show it to the world.

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Your streaming stars - your rewards

Already hundreds of streamers have joined the LAYZR family and more are joining every day.
Start your amazing streamer card collection now. Climb the leaderboards and show everybody how much you love your stars. Engage with your stars in a new, personal way.

Our community and features

Our community is exploding! Thousands of fans already joined the party. Become also a part of the adventure and rely on engaging and exciting features that will change your streaming experience forever.

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Watch your streamers and receive unique rewards on a regular basis.

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Trade with other fans and participate when the value of the rewards increases.

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You want the rewards even faster - just buy it with coins.

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Place your cards against other fans in exciting matches.

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Support your streamers with every single transaction.

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Climb the leaderboards, collect entire sets and show that you are the fan #1.

Become a LAYZR Streamer!

Your community

You don't just want to rely on subscriptions & donations? You want to activate your community in a new, fun way? We create new opportunities for your fan engagement with digital, unique trading cards. Join our community of hundreds of top streamers and turn your audience into real fans! Your fans get double the Sparx and can collect your awesome cards.

Transparent & Fair

Our designers create your cards for free. Your fans get double the Sparx when collecting at a streaming partner. You receive a revenue share of all revenues generated with your trading cards. No strings attached. We want to be your partner. Long-term, fair and transparent. Let us together bring your community to a new level!

Our designers create your artwork

Additional income from your community

No costs and no risk for you

You decide when and how much you want to advertise

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